How 20 mg Cialis is going to help me to get an erection, I do not understand how it works on men’s body?
Well, first of all, you have to remember that Cialis make a blood flow directly to your penis and traps in there. This very process usually causes an erection as soon as you will get sexually stimulated by your partner. When you are younger this process usually happens naturally, but for those men who are aging and have certain heart conditions that keep them from getting an erection, as a result, you require certain kind of booster that will help you to arouse instantly.
Time after time 20 mg of Cialis is not enough and therefore you ought to tell your personal doctor that this dosage of Cialis is not working and ask him whether or not you can intake more Cialis in your system. When he says that it is possible and you do not have any kind of heart conditions then you are free to increase the dosage and take 50 mg pill.

I want to split the pill of Cialis because I have heart conditions and I am afraid that Cialis will cause some problems with my health, can I do that?
No, you cannot split the pill of Cialis due to the reason that ingredient of this pill is put in there unequally, so you may experience some kind of side effects as soon as you will split this pill. Try to avoid doing so, it will be better for you to buy smaller pill in order to take it separately.

How much Cialis should I take when it is my first time and I had to experience erectile dysfunction for quite some time before that?
It will be better to talk to your doctor only if he knows your precise health conditions and whether or not you can take an average amount of Cialis, being 20 mg pill. When you are taking Cialis do not expect an erection to appear on its own, there is a great chance that erection may not appear when it is your first time, but when you will get any kind of sexual stimulation then erection should be stable and strong. Please do not mix this pill with other pills for sexual stimulation and even other medications. For instance, when you are undergoing treatment for liver diseases then all you ought to do is to take a smaller amount of Cialis or better stay away from it. Talk to a pharmacist or your doctor so you will be sure that you are doing a right thing.

How soon should I expect an erection after I have taken Cialis of 20 mg?
Usually, when you are a healthy man an erection will occur in about an hour or so, but do not think that erection will happen just on its own. Please remember that taking Cialis does not mean that you are going to have a desire for having sex or you are going to get a sex-drive. All it does is flow your blood to your male genitals so erection may occur only when you are in a certain mood and ready to get intimate. When you do not get any kind of sexual stimulation, you can be sure that erection is not going to happen at all. By the way, an erection should go away as soon as you are finished but Cialis 20 mg is going to stay in your health system for 36 hours. When you would like to have sex again in this period, there is a great chance that erection will occur and for that matter, ED is going to stay in the past.

What is the healthy way of getting my erection back?
There are so many ways for you to get your erection and forget about erectile dysfunction, you have to start eating healthy and exercise for quite some time. When you are eating veggies and fruits that are totally healthy, you will see that your weight is decreasing and you feel better and younger at the same time.