Alcohol Drinking and Potency: Acceptable Dose and Impacts on Male Health.

It’s a well-known fact that alcohol abuse adversely affects male health. Potency, erection and fertility are damaged significantly. Besides, it degrades sperm quality that leads to a high risk of male sterility.

What Happens in Organism?

Most people after drinking alcohol notice the increased desire to have sex. This is the key reason why most think that alcohol is a wonderful booster of virile strength. However, this assumption isAlcohol Drinking and Potency: Acceptable Dose and Impacts on Male Health. only partly true. Probably, at first, alcohol abreacts and relaxes giving the possibility to have a long intercourse with a steady and hard erection. But if alcohol drinking turns into a bad habit, it leads to lots of negative implications. It is possible that drinking alcohol will be the only condition for a steady erection, and a man in a sober state will be completely unable to have a full sexual intercourse.

However, specialists claim that it’s not necessary to be an alcoholic to have sexual disorders. It’s enough just to drink alcohol a lot from time to time. The thing is that alcohol has a great impact on blood-vascular system and other vitally important body systems:

  • Liver disorder. Nearly 90% of alcohol is excreted with hepatic that may result in liver cirrhosis.
  • Atrophy of brain cells that leads to personal degradation.
  • Endocrine system. First of all, there is a functional depression of testosterone production. Besides, the liver disorder causes uncontrolled synthesis of female sex hormones.

Also, excessive drinking can lead to the development of different grave diseases;

  • Heart diseases;
  • Colon cancer;
  • Mental diseases;
  • Testicular atrophy;

Alcohol Influence on Male Potency

Recent research has proved that alcohol has nothing but a negative influence on the male reproductive system:

  • Atrophy of reproductive system. Testicular atrophy leads to the decrease in testis size. It damages germ cells that lead to the birth of children with diseases and abnormalities.
  • Sexual frustration. Alcohol abuse results in the increase of time for sexual arousal and problems with sustaining of erection. Orgasm may be painful and doesn’t bring sex satisfaction.
  • Loss of penis sensitivity.

Is there an Acceptable Alcohol Dose?

It would be wrong to ask you not to drink at all. SometimesAlcohol Drinking and Potency: Acceptable Dose and Impacts on Male Health. it’s really necessary. The only thing you should do is not to turn it into a regular habit. Specialists recommend to follow the following rules to keep your reproductive health:

  • It’s allowed to drink a bit before intercourse. The maximum acceptable dose should not be more than 1 fl oz. This amount is quite enough for vascular distention to let quick and steady erection;
  • It’s better to choose high-grade wine or cognac. This beverage doesn’t lead to vessel constriction and don’t have a negative impact on cardiovascular system;
  • If you are planning to father a child in the nearest future, don’t drink alcohol at all. Any alcohol dose harms germ cells.

After-effects of Alcohol Abuse

Negative results of drinking are more observable when a man drinks often and a lot. The more toxic decomposition products accumulate in the body, the stronger the influence of alcohol. The consequences of alcohol abuse can be very unpleasant:

  • Alcohol Drinking and Potency: Acceptable Dose and Impacts on Male Health.A man has less erotic dreams and his libido is decreased;
  • Anejaculation and a retarded ejaculation;
  • Coitus and orgasm don’t bring sexual fulfillment;
  • Toxins in alcohol affect psychoemotional state leading to apathy and unwillingness to have sex;
  • Alcohol leads to luminal occlusion. In the result, a man gets blood congestions and related diseases, including prostatitis;
  • Male sterility and erectile dysfunction.

Apart from lots of health problems, a social degradation may be the result of alcohol abuse. A man loses self-control. His requirements for sexual partners fall leading to casual sex increasing the risk of sexually transmitted disease, AIDS and hepatitis.

It goes without saying, alcohol abuse damages male sexual life. Only leading a healthful way of living is a guarantee to avoid most sexual problems.